Free Websites for Easy Reference

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Free Websites for Easy Reference

Post by Deej on Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:29 pm

I am totally stealing this from PaulaO's post on Facebook,

There's several websites I use for reference when stuck between two words or have a punctuation issue.

Grammar Girl has been around a long time and has a plethora of tips and memory tricks.

Grammarist is another excellent one.

However, some of the questions they answer or words they feel are abused enough to warrant a post about, it's kinda scary. Like the difference between idol, idyll, and idle. Really? There's a difference? (yes, sarcasm, love it)

Then two other ladies offered these sites.

Jac Hills This one's good, too.

And this is excellent -

And - R R Rose Carbinela - offered up -[url][/url]

Feel free to add others here.

Sh t happens, deal with it.

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