Amazon Strikes Again

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Amazon Strikes Again

Post by Deej on Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:36 pm

Amazon Kindle e-Book Return Policy: Stop allowing refunds on e-Books after e-Books have been read.

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Should Amazon be allowed to give away our e-Books for free?
Below is Amazon's current policy for ***Returning Kindle Books***
"Books you purchase from the Kindle Store are eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase. Once a refund is issued, you'll no longer have access to the book. To request a refund and return content, visit Manage Your Kindle, Click the Actions button next to the title you'd like to return, and select Return for refund, or contact customer service."

It is understood that if a customer goes into a store and purchases a tangible item, that item can be returned to the store within a specified amount of time for a refund. In this case, nobody is out of anything. The customer has their money back and the store has the original item purchased. But if Amazon sells our e-Book(s) and allow customers to keep that product for seven day (more than enough time to read it) and then, give them the option to return it for a refund, the consumer has already read our work and we’re out of the amount of money charged for that item. Is this fair or not? This is like going into a restaurant, buying a meal, then asking for a refund after you’ve already eaten it!
Something has to be done. We (authors/publishers) have invested too much time and money into creating our products to just let them (Amazon) give it away for free. Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" Program makes approximately 3 chapters (sometimes more) of most books available so that customers can preview the book prior to purchase, so why would they allow someone to purchase the book, give them seven days to read it, and then give them a refund?
This policy needs to be changed. Customers know within a certain number of pages whether or not they wish to continue reading the book. Seven days is excessive. There are too many people admitting that they abuse the policy simply because Amazon allows it. This is unfair to authors and publishers because this is how many of us earn our living.

I want to strongly suggest that all individuals sign this, whether an author or a reader. This is legal theft, and once again Amazon is at the center of the controversy.

Sh t happens, deal with it.

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Re: Amazon Strikes Again

Post by Lilien on Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:27 pm

It is not only about reading a book and then returning, but about being able to copy that book. Some people are only purchasing the books so they can make a copy and then return it. They have their money and the book.

Paper copies are not possible distributing over torrents or sharing sites, but electronic copies are easy to share and convert.

Only two days after a book is published, it can be found on torrents with more than hundred seeders. Why? Cause of return policy. People don't lose money and they feel free to share. What came for free, can go for free. But when you have to pay for every book, you will think twice will you share it.

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