What's Your Weather Personality?

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What's Your Weather Personality?

Post by Deej on Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:00 pm

Your Weather Personality is Chilly

You are more of the indoor type, and because of this, you love a good chilly day. Or week. Or month.
You love curling up with a warm sweater and blanket. And when the A/C is blasting, you just don't feel as comfy.

You are an outdoors person, but only in small doses. You like to get a bit of fresh air from time to time.
And because your primary motivation is fresh air, you don't really care for overly warm or humid temperatures.

You tend to be a serious, no nonsense person. In fact, you think too much nice weather can be a bit of a distraction.
When the weather is colder, people go inside and get to work. You think there is a nice energy to that!

What's Your Weather Personality?

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Re: What's Your Weather Personality?

Post by ElaineB on Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:50 pm

Your Weather Personality is Stormy

You love weather more than any other type, and of course, you love weather most at its extremes.
You love a good storm - the more intense and scarier the better (as long as no one ends up getting hurt).

You love thunderstorms, rain storms, blizzards, tropical storms, and ice storms. You love the chance to hunker down.
Some people get bored during a storm, but not you. You love the cozy feeling of being inside and watching the world whirl around you.

In general, you're the type of person who likes action. From fast paced movies to adventure sports, you love whatever gets your adrenaline going.
You get bored from too much mild, 'nice' weather. You think rough conditions are great fun, and they don't keep you inside!

Not sure about this. And there was no mention of humidity. That I hate the most!

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Re: What's Your Weather Personality?

Post by Athena on Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:14 am

I like sun but I also like snow very much.  OK 

Your Weather Personality is Sunny

You're the type of person who really appreciates perfect weather - not too chilly, not too warm, and of course the sun is shining.
You love to be outdoors. You find nature soothing and inspiring ... especially if you're out there getting your heart rate up.

Nothing motivates you more than a sunny day. Even when you're feeling down, waking up to rays of sunshine makes you feel like anything is possible.
On the other hand, a bit of gray and clouds can make you down in the dumps. You're always more sluggish when the sun is hiding.

You like to be outdoors, and you try not to let inclement weather stop you. That being said, you do prefer to be comfortable.
Whenever you find yourself in a sunny climate, you try to be outside as much as possible. You love dining al fresco and outdoor malls.
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Getting the Hang of Things

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