"Out at Home" (Book 5 in the Clarksonville Series)

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"Out at Home" (Book 5 in the Clarksonville Series)

Post by BassGuitarGirl on Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:17 pm

Out At Home: Book Five in the Clarksonville Series


Marlee McAllister just wants to fit in. She didn't know she wasn't until Kate and Rita - the prettiest girls in the senior class - pointed it out. Even Marlee's grandmother declares that Marlee's too old for "this tomboy nonsense." All the other girls at school have long hair. Except Marlee. All the other girls wear something other than jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers to school every day. Except Marlee. All the other girls fit in. Except Marlee.

Marlee decides to grow out her short hair, buy femmy girly clothes, and pretend she has a boyfriend named Ronnie. Really, though? She has the most amazing girlfriend in Susie Torres. Susie is everything Marlee hoped for - sweet, sexy, kind, athletic, pretty. And best of all? She loves Marlee as much as Marlee loves her. Although their parents know about their relationship, not many other people do.

Marlee is out at home, but not to anyone else. And if anyone else finds out she's into girls, Kate and Rita especially, the entire school and her grandparents will know within a day. Life as she knows it will be over.

Out at Home is the story of Marlee McAllister's life-altering struggle to fit in.

Publication Date: August 2014
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