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Headmistress Press (Poetry)

Post by ElaineB on Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:32 pm

The Mistresses of Headmistress Press are pleased to announce our First Open Reading Phase. It will commence on April 1, kicking off National Poetry Month, and will conclude on June 30. It is our hope that you will feel as excited to submit your work as we are to look for what will become the second chapbook published by Headmistress Press. Speaking of which, we encourage all of you to order a copy of Mary Meriam’s WORD HOT for inspiration as you begin to ponder what you will send your Headmistress.

Headmistress Specs & Words of Encouragement

If you are wondering what Headmistress seeks in submissions, look to the unique gifts you possess as a writer, make contact with and gather your artistic vision, and share it with us in its best form. Though Headmistress is lofty and sophisticated in many regards, as a press, we strive to be non-pretentious, open-minded, and inclusive. Send along what you urgently desire to release beyond margins and borders. The political, the romantic, the biting, the soothing, the tempting, the scholarly, the abstract, the extemporaneous—whatever you bring to the page, bring it fully and deliberately. If you are present on the page, we will likely feel it.

Our primary goal is to showcase poetry by a diverse community of lesbians. As editors, it is the work itself that matters—the words on your pages will form the evolving public identity of Headmistress Press. We are concerned with the promise of the book, not the age, experience, or notoriety of the poet. We will study the poems, not the poet. We believe in the creative power of the lesbian community, and we understand the barriers that lesbians face in the publishing process and industry.

Headmistress is open to the authentic innovations and designs of her mistress poets. We welcome and will consider a range of poetic forms and styles, and we are committed to honoring the creative freedom of every mistress who submits her work. Submissions crafted with care, flare, and attention will be considered carefully and tenderly, with a scholarly eye and a nurturing desire.

Come to the page in rare form, send us your best, and expect from us the same. We thank you for your interest in Headmistress.

Submission Bywords & Logistics

Headmistress will kick off her Open Reading Phase on April 1, in celebration of the start of National Poetry Month. HP’s editorial team of mistresses will accept submissions of poetry chapbook manuscripts from April 1 to June 30, 2013.

In accordance with Headmistress’s mission to cooperatively publish chapbooks of lesbian poetry, we welcome submissions from any mistress, at any location, who self-identifies as a lesbian or embraces the lesbian dimension of her self-identity.

Chapbook manuscript submissions and all other queries should be sent electronically to headmistresspress@gmail.com When sending manuscripts, please refrain from including a bio or cover letter in order to help us ensure a fair process.

Chapbook submissions must:

- not exceed 35 pages
- include your name and contact information
- be sent as attachments (i.e., not in the body of an email)
- be accompanied by a form of payment (see Submission Scale for details)

Submission Scale:
A submission fee is one of the ways that Headmistress survives. We require a fee for submission of those who wish to submit to Headmistress Press, but we do so on a sliding basis because we recognize financial diversity and wish to be as inclusive as possible.

We ask that every electronic submission be accompanied by a check or money order, made out to Headmistress Press. We currently cannot accept electronic forms of payment. Please send your check for $8, $14 or $20 to:

Headmistress Press
c/o Risa Denenberg
60 Shipview Lane
Sequim, WA 98382

The author whose manuscript is selected for publication by Headmistress will receive ten complimentary copies of her book, as well as a discount on further orders. Please do not send manuscripts outside of the Open Reading Phase, unless we announce otherwise.

We permit simultaneous submissions, but ask that you notify us immediately if your work is placed elsewhere. We will notify each mistress of the final status of her submission shortly after the close of our reading phase. We will also provide personal feedback if and whenever possible, but if you specifically would like feedback, we recommend that you make an electronic request after the ORP is over and the announcements have been made.

Headmistress Press: http://headmistresspress.blogspot.com/
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeadmistressPress

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