What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

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What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

Post by Deej on Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:20 am

Aquamarine Says You Are Brave

You have a courageous heart and a heart for adventure. You like to put yourself out there in the world.
You have a fighter's spirit, but you can also find peace of mind in almost any situation. You only go to battle when forced to.

Aquamarine is said to have purifying and cleansing powers. You are good at keeping negative influences out of your life.
You are often in a tranquil and meditative state. You see everything around you clearly, and you calmly accept reality.

You go well with topaz. You two just seem to get each other. Your connection is instant and eternal.
You clash with sapphire. At first, you may feel a deep attraction to sapphires, but that's usually replaced with deep repulsion.

What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

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Re: What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

Post by Athena on Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:31 pm

Sapphire Says You Are Wise

You are a truth seeker... no matter what the truth ends up being. You want answers.
And you don't believe in one truth either. The truth is always changing, and that's part of the journey for you.

Sapphires are thought to bring clarity. You are good at clearing the chatter out of your head and focusing on what's important.
You are honest and loyal to your friends. If someone or something is harming your friend, you let your friend know.

You go best with topaz. You are both blunt and fiery, but you feel strongly about each other. You can set the world on fire together.
You clash with turquoise. You feel like turquoise is too fluttery, and sag thinks you're too serious. You just don't mesh.
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