Where We Live: Dispatches from Lesbian America anthology

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Where We Live: Dispatches from Lesbian America anthology

Post by ElaineB on Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:13 am

Thanks to Doreen for passing this along. Note, however, there is a submission fee (sliding scale) and snail mail submissions only. We're not endorsing any call for submission, just passing them along.

Where We Live:
Dispatches from Lesbian America
(Our Working Title)
Anthology Submission Guidelines

What we are looking for:
• Good writing:  clarity, concrete details, strong narrative development, creativity.
• Writing rooted in/inspired by the experience of being a lesbian.
• A book cover image suitable for such an anthology
• We’re seeking a diversity of lesbian writing from all ages, classes, cultural and racial backgrounds,
level of physical ability, region of the country, etc.
• We cannot return your work, so please do not send us your only copy.
Submission guidelines for writing and art
• Short fiction, creative nonfiction, essays. No poetry please.
• Submissions written by writers of all ages who self-identify as lesbians.
• Previously unpublished work preferred, but we will consider previously published work.
• Standard response time 3-6 months.
• Simultaneous submissions are allowed.  Please notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere.
• Authors and artists will retain reprinting rights.  Please credit us if your work is republished.
• 0 to $10 submission fee per author. More if you can, less if you can’t. While we do have expenses, we don’t want any barrier to any lesbian who wishes to send us her material. So, only if you are able, please consider our reading fee to offset advertising expenses. Checks payable to:
CR Smith Book Project
Formatting of All Writing:
• Please use a common font (e.g. Times Roman), 12 point
• Double-spaced
• Number all pages
• Place your name and the title on every page
• Please give a word count and total number of pages on the first page. No more than 12, double-spaced pages per piece.
• Provide 2 printed copies. Please do NOT email us your submissions. We prefer the hard copy.
• For cover art images, please email us a jpeg or tiff file, in color or B & W.
• Include a brief bio.

Deadline:   Aug.  31, 2013 extended to 10/31/13
Please mail 2 copies of your hard copy material to:
Anthology Project
c/o  G. Capone , X. Berber, and Cheela “Rome” Smith
P.O. Box 3383
Oakland, California 94609

A Message from the Editors
Xequina Berber, Giovanna Capone, & Cheela “Rome” Smith

We as editors are committed to seeing that quality writing by lesbians gets published and is available for the world to read. Too often even our most talented writers do not have the visibility or the promotion that their writing merits. However, we firmly believe that good lesbian writing is both empowering and life-changing, to read and to write! By our words and by living our lives, we have an impact on each other. It’s a powerful force.
Our plan is to seek a small, independent publisher to produce this anthology. We are currently researching potential presses toward that end. However, we remain committed to seeing this project all the way through to publication, even if that means producing it with our own resources. One of the most rewarding results of doing an anthology project, as all three of us have experienced first-hand, is the feeling of community it generates in promoting and sharing a well-written book with the rest of the world. Therefore, we plan to invite the lesbian authors we will be working with in this project to help us get this book more widely known, widely read, distributed, and sold. If it takes a lesbian village, we will create one!

BIO: Giovanna Capone

Giovanna Capone is a poet, fiction writer, and playwright. She was raised in an Italian American neighborhood in New York, whose strong Neapolitan influence still resonates in her life. Her work has appeared widely in publications in the U.S. and Canada. Some of these include: The Paterson Literary Review, Queer View Mirror, volume 2, Avanti Popolo: Italian American Writers Sail Beyond Columbus, What I Want From You: An Anthology of East Bay Lesbian Poets, The Voices We Carry: Recent Italian American Women’s Fiction, and Unsettling America: An Anthology of Contemporary Multicultural Poetry.
She has edited numerous collections, including most recently Words on Fire! An Anthology of Teen Voices, for the Oakland Public Library. Giovanna’s first play, Her Kiss, was produced and performed to sold out audiences in San Francisco by Luna Sea Women’s Performance Project, in their first annual Dyke Drama Festival. She also co-edited the book: Hey Paesan! Writing by Lesbians & Gay Men, with Tommi Avicolli Mecca and Denise Nico Leto, which was a finalist for a Lambda Book Award in the year 2000.
Giovanna has lived in Oakland, California for many years, where she has taught poetry to children and teens through California Poets in the Schools. She received her Master’s in Library and Information Science in 2009 from San Jose State University. She is also a mixed media collage artist, and has exhibited and sold her visual art in venues throughout the bay area. Please view more of Giovanna’s work at: www.giovannacapone.com

BIO: Xequina Berber

Xequina Berber is the author of one book, Santora: The Good Daughter, under the pen name Resurreccion Cruz. She also wrote for the New Mission News in San Francisco, publishing monthly columns titled The Coconut Chronicles: Essays on Biculturality and La Post-Modern Curandera. She came out during early middlessence (a nicer way of saying middle-age), and now makes up for lost gay time through her creative endeavors--short stories, comic strips, and paintings celebrating lesbian themes. She also rewrites songs to honor dyke culture, which are then performed for the community with her partner Rome. Xequina is a storyteller and artist and paints what she terms “Mexican Magical Surrealism” as well as traditional Mexican themes, santos and retablos (miracle stories). She is currently at work on a portrait of her partner as Saint Sebastian, the Patron Saint of Queers. Xequina lives in Oakland and works as a librarian. For more information about Xequina, please see her web site: www.xequina.com

Bio: Cheela “Rome” Smith
CR Smith is a crusty old peckerwood dyke cartoonist, webmaster, tattooist and long-term journal-keeper from the Deep South. In 1981, she drove from Alabama to Oakland with her coming-out
girl-friend, a cross-country adventure about which she made a short film, "People Say Beware".

While publishing her cartoon work in alternative comic books such as Wimmin's Comix, Gay Comix,
and Girl Jock in the '80's and '90's, she fell in with the underground women-cartoonists' scene, working
with such local legends as Trina Robbins, for whom she guest edited the newsletter WICCA (an acronym
for...um... "women in comix"... and, er, "something something"...oh, hell, I forgot.)

Her graphics have appeared in main stream publications, as well. She was the illustrator for a bay area publisher and book distributor: Book People, and their comprehensive catalogues. She provided drawings for an educational coloring book produced by the California Department of Transportation, has created original art for web sites, and did the calligraphy for the map on page 11 of San Francisco author William T. Vollman's second novel, The Ice-shirt (Seven Dreams).

Smith and her partner, anthology editor Xequina, perform songs together at lesbian open mics,
parties, and other lesbian hangouts. Sometimes Rome slips into her alter-ego, drag king Johnny Magnolia, and croons to the ladies in such venues as The White Horse Bar in Oakland, and the 14th Annual Drag King Competition in the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA.

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“Writing is not a matter of time, but a matter of space. If you don’t keep space in your head for writing, you won’t write even if you have the time.” --Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

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Re: Where We Live: Dispatches from Lesbian America anthology

Post by ElaineB on Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:56 am

UPDATE: extended deadline--10/31/13

And heads up, Lily: they are looking for a cover artist.

Dear Writers and Artists,

We wanted to make brief contact with you to let you know things are going well.
We are still gathering material for our upcoming anthology, tentatively entitled: Where We Live: Dispatches from Lesbian America.

We have decided to extend our deadline to October 31, 2013, to make sure we get as wide a variety of material as possible from lesbians of all backgrounds currently writing.

If you're getting this email, it's because you have sent us material, or you have inquired about our anthology project at some point. So this is an update to keep you aware of what's going on with our project.

We are excited and enthusiastic! We love the written material we are getting so far! But at this time, we still need more material re: cover art, so if you know any lesbian artists, please help us get the word out. They can send samples of their images electronically to: lesboanthology@gmail.com

Hope you're having a great summer!
We will be in touch with you again in the fall, 2013.

In creativity and peace,

Giovanna Capone
Cheela "Rome" Smith
Xequina Berber
Lesbian Anthology Editors, Oakland, CA

“Writing is not a matter of time, but a matter of space. If you don’t keep space in your head for writing, you won’t write even if you have the time.” --Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

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Re: Where We Live: Dispatches from Lesbian America anthology

Post by Lilien on Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:25 pm

Thanks for info, Elaine, I gonna check this up. OK 

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